Sunday, June 5, 2011

Monday, June 5, 1933

This starts the lasat week of school. In English we've got just one act of Caesar, and in Civics we've got to finish City Government.

John Lazia
John Lazia (born John Lazzio) AKA "Brother John" - 1896-1934
An American organized crime figure in Kansas City, Missouri

Grown wealthy from his bootlegging and gambling operations, Lazia had strong ties to the
Pendergast machine, which convinced the police department to turn a blind eye to his criminal
activities. But in June of 1933, Lazia's position came under fire when a series of events challenged
control of his leadership. First was the Mary McElroy kidnapping (see June 4, 1933 entry). The
kidnapping was a blow to Lazia's pride and he felt it undermined his importance to Pendergast.
Things were not about to get better. A local gang leader, Vernon Miller, asked Lazia to supply him
several gunmen to free two bank robbers who were being transported by train through Kansas City
... continued on June 17, 1933.

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