Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thursday, June 15, 1933

Started in with general housecleaning today. Washed part of the woodwork. Our wallpaper cleaning is done.

Play-Doh Retro Canister
Composed of flour, water, salt, boric acid, and silicone oil, the non-toxic, non-staining,
reusable modeling compound that came to be known as Play-Doh was originally a pliable,
putty-like wallpaper cleaner concocted by Noah McVicker for Kutol Products, a family-owned
Cincinnati-based soap company. Following World War II, McVicker's nephew, Joseph McVicker,
joined Kutol and discovered the wallpaper cleaner was being used by nursery school children to make
Christmas ornaments. Joe McVicker took Play-Doh to an educational convention for manufacturers of
school supplies, and the rest is history. Play-Doh's current manufacturer is Hasbro. 

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