Friday, June 24, 2011

Saturday, June 24, 1933

Gweyn made Phyllis (Baby Doll) a swimsuit and hat out of some pink flowered material. They sure were cute.

June 24, 1933: Actor John Wayne (1907 - 1979) marries Josephine Saenz

Saenz was the first of Wayne's three wives. She was a Panamanian
diplomat's daughter. They had four children during their 12-year marriage.
Wayne went on to marry two more Latinas: Esperanza (Chata) Baur Diaz
and Pilar Weldy. He and Diaz had no children during their eight-year
marriage. During their 17-year union, Wayne and Weldy had three children.

Wayne's love of all things Latin was such that when he died, he was laid to
rest in an unmarked grave overlooking the Pacific Ocean - facing south. A memorial stone
 placed in the cemetery near his grave had the inscription he’d always wanted written on it.
It was in Spanish: “Feo, Fuerte, y Formal” (He was ugly, he was strong, he had dignity.).


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