Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunday, June 4, 1933

Went to Sunday School and church. It looked like it was going to rain this a.m., but it didn't. Went out and played.

Shirley Temple in "Polly Tix in Washington"
Comedy short written and directed by Charles Lamont
Released June 4, 1933

The 11-minute film stars Temple as Polly Tix, Butler and Smith as politicians,
Gloria Ann Mack as The Little Sister, and Philip Hurlic as Dynamite. Shirley Temple Black
describes the plot in her autobiography: "I was a strumpet on the payroll of the Nipple Trust
and Anti-Castor Oil Lobby. Mine was the task of seducing a newly arrived bumpkin senator."
Temple wore black lace panties and bra designed by her mother, and, as her biographer
Anne Edwards summarizes, "Jack Hays's intentions were obvious. The Baby Burlesks
were meant to titillate male matinee audiences" The script required Temple to take a ride
in an ostrich-drawn cart but the frightened bird bolted and Temple came close to being killed

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