Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thursday, June 22, 1933

Lost my diary, but I found it lying in the victrola. Sure was hot today. I went down to Gweyn's.

Eugenia "Jeanne" Eagels (June 26, 1890 - October 3, 1929)

A former Ziegfeld Follies Girl who went on to greater fame on Broadway
and in the emerging medium of sound films, Jeanne Eagels was born in Kansas
City, Missouri. After appearing in a variety of small venues in Kansas City, she
left in search of fame and fortune in New York. She appeared in numerous plays, several
silent films and two "talkies" that were released in 1929. Jeanne married twice but had no
children. Just as she was preparing to appear in a new play, she died suddenly at the age
of 39. Doctors disagreed as to the exact cause, though three different autopsies pointed to
excessive alcohol possibly mixed with heroin or some other narcotic substance. She was
posthumously nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role
in the 1929 film, The Letter, but the Oscar went to Mary Pickford for the film Coquette.
Jeanne Eagels is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri.

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